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Spiral Tree Guards


spiral tree guards used on a youg hawthorn hedgerow

Spiral Tree Guard is a 100% recycled PVC plastic waste product designed for the protection of vulnerable young trees and saplings.

Spiral Tree Guard offers simple, cost-effective protection against pests and systemic herbicides and is available to order in a variety of sizes and colours to suit every forestry or landscape planting project whatever the scale.

  • Manufactured from 100% recycled photodegradable PVC plastic waste
  • Protects saplings from rabbits, hares, voles and other known forestry pests
  • Protects saplings from systemic herbicide spraying
  • Expands with the natural growth of the tree
  • Can be supplied with or without ventilation holes (38mm diameter spirals)
  • 38mm and 50mm diameter tube sizes
  • 45, 60 and 75cm lengths (90 and 120cm lengths available on request)
  • Choice of 3 colours - clear, brown and green (white available on request)
  • Order direct from the UK manufacturer Ansini Ltd

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Spiral Tree Guard is available to order online from www.spiraltreeguard.eu